$49 or $59 dollar tune up? Sounds to good to be true?

You're right! There is no way to get a thorough and detailed maintenance and cleaning for so cheap without cutting corners.  With some of the cheaper tune ups, they are there to find a major problem to charge you for.  If there isn't one, they are out of there!  

Here at Church Heating and Cooling we take pride in giving our clients a honest and thorough tune-up and cleaning.  We take the time to do our complete inspection and cleaning and educate our clients on how well their systems are performing and will make any recommendations to make you and your family as comfortable as possible in your home. 

Your homes Heater and Air Conditioning systems are sophisticated pieces of equipment that get dirty, needs lubrication, wears down and needs fine tuning.  Preventive maintenance is exactly what it sounds like, preventing an issue before it leaves you without heating or A/C on the hottest or coldest day of the year.  Beat the heat and cold and call us to schedule your maintenance today.